Do you provide the Terms and Conditions? 


How do you treat the personal data?

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation - „GDPR“) and with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll. (Personal Data Protection).

What details do I need to give to make a reservation?

Name, e-mail, phone number, preparation time, place of preparation, how many people will be involved and what services you are interested in.

Do you make a home visit?

Yes, but mostly at the brides’ on their wedding day. Other makeup and hairstyling I do in my studio, home or other place visit is possible upon agreement and I can charge extra.

What is thle lenght of the Complex package - makeup/hairstyle/photography?

The entire work scope from my arrival to you is 12 hours. For more details, please visit the Pricelist in the Service section.

Do you charge reservation fees?

Yes, at weddings I always do. For other services it is at my discretion and agreement.

How long in advance is necessary to make a reservation?

Make a reservation as soon as possible. Wedding terms can be booked a year in advance, as well as balls that have a long-in advance published dates.

Are reservation fees non-refundable?

Yes, when the service is cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable

What payment methods do you use?

Reservation fees are deposited to the account upon an invoice issued, all other services in cash after the service is made. Deposit of payment to the account for the entire services is possible only on the basis of prior agreement and my discretion.

Is it possible to have only my makeup or hairstyle done on my wedding day?

I prefer complete orders, i.e. makeup and hairstyle. It is therefore possible that your order will not be accepted.

Is it necessary to have a makeup and hairstyle test before the wedding day?

Yes, it is important for me and for you. Orders for wedding makeup and hairstyling without a makeup test are accepted very rarely and only if the test is not feasible for some reason.

When to make an appointment for a makeup and hairstyle test?

Arrange to meet with me 2 - 3 months before the wedding. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee a date that will suit you in time. It is also possible there is no date for the test available. In this case you pay the full price of the ordered service including the test.

Can I have accompaniment for the makeup and hairstyle test?

Yes, but only by prior arrangement by phone or e-mail.

How is it with makeup test for other events, such as the ball?

I do makeup test only for wedding makeup and hairstyling. If you are interested in a hairstyle and makeup test even before a ball, it is possible by prior arrangement and at full cost.

Do you do cosmetics?

No, I only work as a makeup artist and do not do any work such as skin cleansing and others. However, for a professional skin treatment it is possible to make an appointment in my studio with a colleague Kateřina Hašková, who works with Dermalogica cosmetics.

I need to make a hair dye and haircut, is it possible?

No, I only deal with hairstyles as a hairstylist, I'm not a hairdresser, so I do not do any of these services.

The reservation fee is deducted from the total price for the service?


How do you charge travel costs?

I count the total number of kilometres from a location of my current stay to the destination and back. This is not the address of my studio.

The journey to my place is over 100 km, Are there any extra charges?

Yes, but only for the makeup and hairstyle. For journeys over 100 km, I charge an additional fee of CZK 1,000, if I am to miss an appointment with another bride on this day, an additional fee of CZK 3,000. For complete wedding packages I do not charge any fees.

I'm interested in all-day wedding assistance, is it possible?

Yes, the price for a full-day assistance is CZK 5,000 and lasts until 6 p.m. After this time it is possible by prior arrangement for an additional fee of CZK 500 / hour.

I'm a wedding guest and need to have my makeup and hairstyle done, what service to choose from?

If you are a guest at a wedding where I am preparing the bride, then you are entitled to a preferential price for my services. You can find this service in the Price List as a Makeup / Hairstyling wedding guests. If you are not a guest at ‚my‘ bride’s wedding, you choose a Daily Makeup / Hairstyle.

Do you charge both journeys?


How do you charge the journey if you drive to different places within my wedding?

I sum up all the mileage and set the final price based on them.

Shall I return hair pads and clips after the wedding?

Yes, upon agreement you can bring them to the studio in person or send them to an address I provide you. If agreed, you can leave them at a price of 400 CZK according to the amount of material used.

Do you offer discount packages of your services?

Yes, all info to be found in section Price List

I'm interested in airbrush makeup, do I need to let you know in advance?

Yes. I do normally not bring along compressor and airbrush equipment.

I'm interested in photography of my wedding, what are the conditions?

I offer wedding photography only as an all-inclusive package, with the condition of including makeup and hairstyle services for the bride. At the same time, I offer only full-day photography.

What is the delivery time of wedding photos?

It is not longer than 8 weeks.

I need to advise on my wedding styling, will you help me?

Yes, you can find this service in the Price List in section Wedding stylist. I'll help you with a complete styling such as selecting dress, shoes, jewellery, hair accessories, makeup and hairstyle.

I need to make my nails, is it possible?

Yes, I offer nail polish application for a perfect overall look. I work with OPI and CND. The price is 200 CZK.

Why does the price in the Price list for hairstyling services range?

The price for the hairstyle ranges depending on the amount of material used.

Do you use TFP?

I do not. Only if these are very interesting projects suitable to enrich my professional portfolio.

I don’t know how to do my own makeup and what products are suitable for me, can you advise me?

Yes, I love to teach you these methods in my Personal courses, where I recommend the suitable products. If you are only interested in product recommendations, I offer Makeup consulting. For more information, see the Price List.